FutureSource Workstation for Traders International
FutureSource proudly announces the release of Workstation TI. Bringing Internet-driven real-time futures, options, cash and foreign exchange market data to your laptop or desktop PC has never been easier! Workstation is the ultimate trading solution, offering two base packages to meet your needs!

FutureSource is the industry leader for fast, high-quality futures and options data. When you combine our data quality with the power and flexibility of Workstation, you have the most comprehensive futures trading package available today!

No additional hardware is needed to install FutureSource Workstation. This means no delay in waiting for equipment to arrive and be installed. Simply download Workstation, run the installation and you're ready to utilize the power of FutureSource with the convenience of an Internet-driven datafeed!

Workstation TI is a stand-alone application and does not run inside of a web browser. You can use WorkStation on laptop and desktop PCs.

 How it works
FutureSource Workstation is a Windows based application, which can be installed on a local desktop PC or laptop. Workstation requires Internet connectivity and can connect remotely to a FutureSource data center from any location.

 Fast and Reliable
FutureSource data centers have been strategically positioned throughout the US, Europe, Asia and Australia to provide fast and reliable service regardless of customer location. In addition, FutureSource maintains direct exchange connectivity to all the major exchanges in both the US and Europe.

With the recommended minimum system requirements, Workstation response time and updates are received in real time. Workstation takes advantage of a very efficient protocol to ensure timely data delivery and minimal bandwidth consumption.

New releases made available in real time via update service Up to 35 years of historical data available dynamically
Export data to Excel in real time via Workstation DDE Create studies on studies, and studies on spreads with no programming required
Tick-by-tick, intra-day, daily, weekly, monthly and continuation charts Unlimited number of Workspaces
Quote sheets with over 60 customizable headings Dynamic Time & Sales with customizable color preferences for better market representation
40 technical indicators included in the base package, including TI indicators Create chartable expressions on the fly
Drag/drop and copy/paste capabilities between charts and price pages Built in web browser component
Real-time visual and audible time, price and news alerts Comprehensive news services from Oster Dow Jones and Dow Jones News available for an additional monthly fee
Unless otherwise noted, data provided is delayed at least 10 minutes and is considered to be accurate, but is not warranted or guaranteed
by eSignal. This data is proprietary and may not be copied, disseminated or used without the express written permission of eSignal.

There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures and options. Do not risk money you cannot afford to lose.

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