FutureSource Workstation TI and Xtra TI provide real-time access to your choice of worldwide futures and options exchange data, quotes, and news, plus interactive charts with dozens of technical indicators, drawing tools, and more.

 Workstation TI

FutureSource Workstation TI is a Windows based application, which can be installed on a local desktop PC or laptop. Designed for the professional trader, Workstation TI is the ultimate trading solution.

Priced at $194.95 / month — which includes the CMEE Exchange fee. [learn more...]

  • New releases made available in real time via update service
  • Up to 35 years of historical data available dynamically
  • Unlimited number of Workspaces
  • Tick-by-tick, intra-day, daily, weekly, monthly and continuation charts
  • Create studies on studies, and studies on spreads with no programming required
  • 40 technical indicators included in the base package, including TI indicators
  • Create chartable expressions on the fly
  • Export data to Excel in real time via Workstation DDE
  • Quote sheets with over 60 customizable headings
  • Dynamic Time & Sales with customizable color preferences for better market representation
  • Drag/drop and copy/paste capabilities between charts and price pages
  • Real-time visual and audible time, price and news alerts
  • Built in web browser component
  • Comprehensive news services from Dow Jones Commodity News available for an additional monthly fee
 Xtra TI

FutureSource Xtra TI is a fully Internet-delivered, browser-based trading application. FutureSource Xtra TI is easy to use, affordable and flexible. Take control of your trading today!

Priced at $114.95 / month plus selected Exchange fees. [learn more...]

  • Custom Workspaces let you track performance of the contracts you trade most.
  • Interactive Charts bring Real-Time Streaming data to a dynamic chart viewer.
  • Real-Time Streaming Quotes deliver prices in flexible format.
  • Real-Time Streaming News delivers as it happens.
  • Launch a WebWatch Browser within your Workspace!
  • View Options in either Side-by-Side, Stacked, or Greeks format.
  • Data Export to Microsoft Excel, comma delimited format, and more
  • and much, much more!
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There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures and options. Do not risk money you cannot afford to lose.

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